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Eastwind Capital Advisors Pvt. Ltd.(EW TM) is a firm of Indian origin providing benchmarking and quantitative research advisory solutions to Institutional and other large Investors. Our benchmarking services involve Index Management Services and Quantitative Analysis of Stocks of Various corporate, which is an institutional tool for portfolio building.

Eastwind Capital Advisors is credited with being one of the pioneers in Quantitative equity research in India. Its unique method of Index creation, investment universe classification coupled with a team of fundamental & quantitative analysts continuously analyze earnings, valuations and balance sheet details of companies helping formulate and implement various top down beta and alpha portfolios. These include thematic beta portfolio, corner growth/value portfolio, market neutral portfolio/pure alpha portfolio etc. Eastwind's wide coverage and explicit quantitative models deliverable in simplified manner are of much higher quality than competitors' products, with common industry terms.



Krishna N. Narnolia,

MBA (Gold Medalist), Founder, Narnolia Securities. He has over 19 years of experience of capital market having built a large size investment banking, wealth management and equity broking firm. He has been felicitated with prestigious G.D BIRLA Award for his pioneering effort. He is widely read and is a popular speaker on issues related to economy and financial market. He is a much sought after speaker on investment thoughts by institutions like ICAI, ICWAI, several management institutes etc.


Shailendra Kr.

Editor of India Quant Analytics, a quarterly publication on quantitative statistics and structure of Indian equity market. He has more than 15 years of investment experience and has been credited with creation of EW All Share Index covering 99.5% of India’s equity market and unique Earning Score and Price Score Post Graduate in Management & Systems from IIT Delhi. He has done extensive work on corporate valuation and derivative pricing. He has written as well as guided several finance research papers.


Jasleen Kaur Bhasin
Head, Business Development

Qualified Chartered Accountant. She has over eleven years experience in corporate finance and in guiding affluent investors and institutions in their investment funds administration. She possesses ability to structure complex corporate requirement.


Vineeta Jain
Head, Asset Management

Qualified Chartered Accountant. She has over seven years experience in equity research and portfolio designing. Over the years she has evolved her distinct style of growth stock investing. Her views on stock market have been prominently featured in various business publications.


Nawal More
Head, Benchmarking Practices

Qualified Chartered Accountant. He has over ten years experience in finance & corporate governance. He has experience in advising and analyzing companies and their business and is credited with development of benchmarking practices for several industries.


Investment Updates & Perspectives

  • Budget 2016- A Disciplined Action

    Amid all the news, views and counter views around acchey din, it is a fact that BJP government has initiated some strong structural measures to improve Indian economy since coming to power in 2014.

    Jan 2 2016
  • Indian Equity Market- 2014

    Post recent electoral mandate stock market has joined the party with all key indices trading at all time highs. Now that the dream mandate has come, specific question in minds of stock market participants are whether they should book profit or reshuffle their portfolio?

    May 17, 2014
  • Indian economic recovery will be of U shape with long trough period

    Post 3rd quarter results and poor GDP numbers, we have made changes in our Sensex EPS and market assumptions. We have reduced our FY14 Sensex EPS assumption by 3% to 1329. This changes our fair value Sensex estimate for calendar year 2013 from 22, 627 to 21,930.

    Mar 06,2013
  • Indian Equity Market - 2013

    At the beginning of 2012 our basic view was the Indian Stock Market was trading at a cheap valuation of 13 and a rally was evident at that level of valuation. Indian Equity Market are now trading close to Sensex 19,500 levels and is up by 27% in 2012.

    Jan 6,2013
  • Has Risk-Off entered in a Bubble Zone?

    Lately there been a headline shocker here in India, when Q4FY12 growth came at 5.3%. Though for market, it was an anticipated event and so market reaction to the news was highly indifferent. As we have said in the past, market movement at least in near term will be influenced globally by events happening in Euro-Zone.

    Jun 2, 2012
  • India- The most leveraged bet on global risk-on and risk-off

    Last month, RBI was full in its policing action in Indian financial markets to introduce liquidity and contain the Rupee depreciation; RBI took a bold step and bought around US$2.3bn of government bonds.

    May 30,2012
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